Funding Options

There are several options for funding your clinical examination, treatment with the installation of hearing aids or surgical procedure where necessary. Personal and private funding is always an option but other sources exists if you are eligible and can be found at the organisations below:r.

The following description from the ACC might be helpful information for you:

ACC Funding for Hearing Aids
The ACC provides funding for hearing aids for noise induced hearing loss in New Zealand. To be eligible for funding you must meet one of the following points:

  • Exposure noise in a work environment or sudden extremely loud noise
  • Hearing loss associated with an accident
  • Hearing loss associated with medical treatment
  1. The process for ACC is stepped out below:
    Full hearing assessment or hearing screen completed. Eligibility for ACC Funding confirmed
  2. Visit your GP to initiate ACC Claim; your GP will complete the appropriate forms for you.
  3. ACC will send you a Questionnaire by post. Complete this and post it back to ACC.
  4. ACC will contact you to have a full audiometric test carried out.
  5. Prior to your test, ensure that you have NOT been exposed to very loud noise within the last 16hrs. Your Audiometric report will be sent to ACC.
  6. ACC will then send you an appointment to see an Ear Nose and Throat specialist (ENT).
  7. When you see the ENT, they will make a decision about your hearing loss and send their report to ACC.
  8. You will then receive a letter from ACC confirming the outcome of your claim.
  9. If accepted, contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss hearing aids. If declined, please also contact us to look at other funding eligibility.

All New Zealand residents that are over the age of 18 years old are eligible for a hearing aid subsidy of $1,022.22 for two hearing aids or $511.11 for a single hearing aid.

The subsidy is a contribution towards the costs of new hearing aids and is available every 6 years thereafter. For more information on the Ministry of health hearing aid subsidy please call us on 09 283 0200.






Hearing aids and other hearing assistive listening devices such as amplified telephones are available to veterans who have a hearing disability as a result of their military service. The war pension funding covers:


  1. Cost of hearing aid(s) – limit applies
  2. Audiologist appointments costs
  3. Repair of devices
  4. Battery allowance
  5. Replacement of hearing aids after 5 years






A WINZ loan may be available to New Zealand residents to contribute towards the purchase of hearing aids. In order to establish an individual’s eligibility to meet this criteria WINZ requires a letter and quote from your Hearing Specialist. For more information on the WINZ loan please call us on 09 283 0200.







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